veterans care at cleveland ohio veterans medicial center

several years ago i had several articles reguarding my care through the veterans medicial center in cleveland ohio. i am unawair of what became of them on this site. i am going to start where i presently find myself. over a year ago i filed a suit against the va for malpractice. the amount was $ / i apealed the denail from brecksville ohio regional counsel on the point that; the va used a single specialist in the field of orthodonics who stated; an hernaited cervical disk always manifests itself with pain on the side of the compressed nerve root from the shoulder to the fingers. this is an incorrect statement made by the single (expert) and neurosurgeon will tell you that hernaited cervical disks / nerve root compression do not always manifest themselves in this manner. so since april of 2010 when i was a patient in cleveland va pain managment they did not preform a single mri,ct-scan,etc.etc. thet simple placed me on muscle relaxers and lidocaine patches and told me all i had was; muscle spasms and slight lipping (bone spur formation) at c6-c7. to be continued at a later time.

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